Caring for your Pergo Floor

Pergo vinyl floor are easy to care for and maintain thanks to their sealed, hygienic layer. As they are water resistant, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Here are some simple tips on how to care for your Pergo vinyl floor to ensure that it will last you for a long time.

Advantages of Pergo Vinyl Planks

From Belgium, the impressive 1251 x 187 mm Pergo vinyl plank format is complemented by naturalistic textures to perfectly simulate nature. The natural look is achieved by adding subtle nuances, high contrasts and variations between individual planks.

Wood Culture X IKEA

Since 2016, Wood Culture has been working with IKEA on their inspiring interior mock-ups at IKEA Tampines and IKEA Alexandra. Through this collaboration, Wood Culture and IKEA share a common goal to enable home owners to envision how their new/ improved home could look like.